A Photo Diary | Stamford

September 17, 2016
Happy weekend, sunshines! A bit of a throwback post here, I was scrolling through my images and came across some beautiful pictures I took in July of Stamford and had to share it with you all. I went for a road trip with my best friend, Chloe in her sparkly new car and went for a photography day.
As you all know, I enjoy travelling, and my camera is usually glued to me where ever I go. It’s so important to spend time with friends, catching up on the latest gossip and just relaxing. To be honest, it was the laziest outing we’ve ever had, and we did spend about 2 hours laid on a blanket talking (guilty!), but who cares!
Stamford is a town in Lincolnshire which reminds me of a baby York; the buildings are old and Georgian style, and beautiful bay windows with adorable flower pots line the streets. Maybe I’m just missing that hot summers day right now as it’s extremely gloomy outside or maybe I just really want to live there! Let the photo album begin…



 Let’s face it; these houses are incredibly dreamy! Who wouldn’t love to sit on their window sill looking down on the world, a book to hand? (Not to forget a cup of tea and some chocolate.) But here I am, drowning in college work, surrounded by stationary and getting stressed because the damn printer won’t connect. I guess blogging is my saviour!
Hope x

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