A Day In My Life | The City Of York

August 18, 2016
My favourite place in England has to be York, the beauty of old Tudor buildings, adorable independent shops and little lemonade stands all make me smile. I seem to be at peace in York, it’s somewhere that relaxes my mind, and you feel incredibly historical, it’s so easy to picture a scene from old times, you get carried away with your thoughts.


With York being 20 minutes on the train away from Leeds, Lewis and I decided to visit yesterday, and it was a perfect day for it! As soon as you step off the train you feel like you’re in Harry Potter, the train station is timeworn with massive clocks and swirling metal bars. First off, we had a wander down The Shambles, the best part. The Shambles is famous for its timber-framed buildings which are home to many independent shops. The smell of soaps, candles, freshly baked bread and fudge all lingers in the air, and it feels like something from a fairytale. I have to admit; it’s busy there but it’s all worth it, and if you’re a photography lover like me, your camera is essential! I bought some brownies from an award-winning baker shop, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

After wandering around the cobbled streets, we stopped off at our favourite place for lunch. If you love Yorkshire Puddings, gravy and meat then you’re in luck, as we visited The York Roast Co. This place sells the best-carved meat sandwiches which are to die for, packed with meat, stuffing, and sauces of your choice, pure heaven as you watch the world go by from the upstairs window.

Afterwards, we had a chocolate tour at York’s Chocolate Story. Now doesn’t the name just make you want to drool? (I promise you that I’d live there if I could!) This tour lasts an hour, and you learn about the history and try cocoa beans, the first ever hot chocolate recipe and the best part? You get to make your own chocolate lolly! I won’t give too much information away, but it’s a high recommend if you have a sweet tooth like me! It just doesn’t help the waistline much (it’s a one off, though, right?).

Later on, we visited the cutest homemade lemonade stand (like I needed any more sugar in my system…), and got a generously sized cup; there’s nothing quite like fresh lemonade on a warm summers day, and this satisfied me completely.

When walking back towards the train station, we walked by York Minster which is such a beautiful building, outside a man was blowing incredible bubbles, and he was saving up to go on a trip to Japan, it was lovely seeing all of these happy faces. I feel like York is more positive to live in as everyone is in awe of its beauty and it’s difficult not to have a smile on your face.

I’d encourage all of you Lovelies to explore England more; there is a lot of hidden wonders. What’s your favourite city?

Hope x

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