A Day In My Life | Roundhay Park

July 14, 2016
 Roundhay Park, located in Roundhay, Leeds, is somewhere I adore in the summer. A picnic and your photography kit and you’re all set for the perfect day out. With trees that go on for acres, seeing dragonflies across the lake and eating ice cream in the shade, this place is relaxation at it’s finest.


Lewis recently got a GoPro Hero 4 which we hadn’t had the chance to play around with yet, so we set off on the bus (eventually, the first bus stop had moved, why are cities so stressful?), with our little backpacks full of food and we were off.
When we arrived at the park, it was sunny (for once). Of course, the ice cream van is my best friend, and I’m instantly swayed towards the cold delight. After my sweet cravings had been satisfied (are they ever?), we headed to the park at the top of the hill and Lewis decided it would be a splendid idea to let me go on the swing while I film it on the GoPro. Maybe he forgot that I’m terrified of heights, or maybe he felt mean, but the footage shows me screaming the whole time for him to stop pushing me. How embarrassing.

After I had calmed down, we walked to the nearby lake and took some scenic shots which look pretty good. GoPros are complicated because their display screens seem low quality so you think your images look crap when in reality they’re equivalent to my Canon 750D. It’s amazing how such a small device can take such good pictures, as well as the lens being incredibly wide. I’d recommend getting the GoPro App for your phone; it connects to your GoPro and you’re able to take pictures from your phone, it feels a little weird at first. You can also import your images straight to your phone from the app which means no messing around with stupid cables.
I will let the pictures do the talking:

Just when we were exiting the park, we came across a squirrel with no fear. It was sat on a bin looking at us and seemed to love the camera. It soon jumped onto a tree trunk and started circling the tree while I followed it, almost playing a game of hide and seek. Probably the most confident squirrel you’ll ever see!

What have you been up to so far this summer?
Hope x

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