6 Mistakes Nearly All Students Make

August 22, 2018

Being a student is a time in your life like no other. It’s exciting, scary, difficult, and amazing all at the same time. This is a time in your life that could shape your future; it can impact the type of career you go on to have, the friends and people you spend your time with, and so much more. Being a student can teach your skills and bring out personality traits you didn’t know you had. However, it’s a good idea to try to avoid the mistakes that nearly all students make. Read on for 6 mistakes that nearly everybody makes as a student.

Not Budgeting As Vigilantly As Possible

Budgeting as a student is something you need to learn to be good at, even if you’re no good at it already. You’re going to have a lot of bills to pay, and if you haven’t had this before, it can really feel like you’ve been thrown in the deep end of adulthood to fend for yourself. As soon as you get your student loan, you’ll want to set aside all the money you need for your accommodation, food, and any other bills. If you’re a more mature student and you don’t want to stay in halls, you’ll want to look at apartments in the area, like mapartments.co.uk, that are suited to you to make sure you have somewhere suitable to live and study.

Giving In To FOMO

Fear of missing out can be a horrible feeling, but try not to give in all the time. Do the things you want to do, go out, have fun, and make friends, sure. But you don’t need to go out every single day. If it isn’t in your budget, especially don’t do it.

Not Planning Toilet Breaks

The truth is, you’re going to have to think about going to the toilet in advance now that you’re a student. Having to get up in the middle of a packed lecture to go to the toilet will probably be embarrassing for you, not to mention frowned upon. You’re spending a lot of money on your education, so why would you miss any of the lectures? Hold it in or go before!

Going To Classes Without Doing The Reading

Going to a class without doing the reading is brave. You’re either going to need to learn to speed read, answer a question early on so you don’t get hit with one you don’t know the answer to later, or just blag it.

Not Looking For A Part-Time Job As Soon As Possible

A part time job will help you to survive. You’ll also learn new skills, make more friends, and have something to put on your CV later on. If you don’t look early on, other people will. Don’t wait too long.

Not Signing On To The Local GP Before Freshers Week

You don’t want to have the hassle of doing this when you’re actually sick or there’s something wrong, so do it in advance for peace of mind.

At the end of it, you want to make the most out of your university experience. Of course, going out spending a bit of money, having fun and making memories is A-okay. Just remember why you’re there and try your hardest to get that degree and not overspend. Overdraft interest is not your best friend, trust me!

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