5 Things To Think About Before You Travel The World

November 24, 2017

So, you find yourself lying awake at night not thinking about how excited you are to go to work the next day, but how much you wish you could get away from it all and go travelling. You’re not alone. If you have a niggling feeling that you should be out there living it up in different countries, exploring this huge, wonderful world that we live in, you should follow the call.

“That’s easier said than done!” you cry. Yes, it can be difficult to take the initial leap, but many who have done it say that it was the best thing they ever did. Before you do dive head first out of your comfort zone, though, here’s 5 things to think about before you travel the world.


You can’t get away from the fact that you’re going to need money to fund your trip. There are some amazing stories out there about people who went travelling for peanuts, so you can do your own research on that and see if it would work for you. For example, they got the cheapest flights, slept on couches, worked for their accommodation, and so on. However, this isn’t something all people want to do. Some people want their own space, and they don’t want to have to worry about working too much when they should be exploring. How much will you need to save? How will you get the money together? Do you want to work at all while you travel? You should know your numbers so you have a definite goal to aim for.

Where You Really Want To Go

Just because you know people who have been to Thailand and all of that jazz doesn’t mean you have to too. While Thailand is usually on the world traveller’s bucket list, you should only feel inclined to visit the places you really want to visit. This could mean going off the beaten track and doing your own thing for a while.

The Requirements For Your Chosen Places

Once you know where you want to go, it’s so important to check out the requirements for your chosen places and what you need to do. You’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to get the right documentation in place, such as a UK visa, as doing so last minute can mean being denied entry to the places you really want to visit. Make sure you research thoroughly and even consider contacting people you know who have done this before you.

Travel Insurance

No matter how careful you are, there’s always the possibility something could go wrong. You could hurt yourself, a flight could cancel, the list goes on. Travel insurance is the only way to protect yourself from these setbacks.

Traveling Light

When you’re travelling the world, you’re not going to want to lug around a countless amount of outfits and things. The whole point of travelling the world is to enjoy your surroundings and the moment more, and care less about ‘stuff’.

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Hope x

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