5 Reasons Why Your Eyeshadow Is Shabby

January 27, 2017
Eyes are the hardest thing in the world when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. When eye makeup goes well, it can look absolutely gorgeous, but if it goes terribly wrong then, you can either look like you’ve been punched in the face or you’ve been crying all day. So how come after years of practising you still can’t get it right? It feels as if the world of eyeshadow is like another language so let’s solve this mystery.

Eye Primer 

I’m also guilty when it comes to skipping the primer. It’s annoying, and it doesn’t look like it accomplishes anything. However, when it comes to your eyes, it’s important to add a primer, so it ensures the shadows will apply easier and will look even with no clumping. Primers are able to hold pigmented shadows like glue which means you can say goodbye to creases, smudges and weird looking fading. There are way too many primers on the market but if you have discolouration, aim for a tinted formula as not only does it act as a concealer but it will make your lids look flawless. 

Your Lash Line 

Have you ever spent ages over your eyelids and somehow they still look and feel incomplete? The reason behind this is probably because you’ve forgotten your lash line. The answer? Blend your shadow along the lower lash line with a fine brush. Next, grab your fav black pencil eyeliner and trace the top and bottom waterline to make your eyes less harsh. Remember to use a smudger brush to blend everything together.

Which eyeshadow? 

When you’re standing in a drug store trying to pick your palette, you almost feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of shimmers and mattes. How do you know which one to go for and what looks best if you’re new to this game? First of all, your glittery shadows act as a highlighter and are made to emphasise the eyes whereas your matte shades will add shadow and definition such as the smokey eye.

What shades?

It’s difficult when you’re trying to figure out which shade suits you best, and it can be a tough game and almost heartbreaking wasting all of that product because it just doesn’t look right. The most flattering shade for your eyes is usually the one that sits directly opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel. So, blue eyes = peach and orange, brown = navy and purple and green = red tones and berry colours. Now, what about that for your favourite beauty hack?

Wing it 

Another beauty hack when applying your palette is to blend the shadow upwards and towards the end of your brow. If the majority of the pigment is on the outer corner of the eye then blend and diffuse the colour up and out (almost like eyeliner), this makes the illusion of a lifted eye.
Maybe we can all face the shades and have Instagram-worthy looking lids!
Hope x

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