5 Luxury Items To Add To Your Home This Season

September 23, 2017

Every home deserves a touch of luxury. If you’re looking for some ideas to upgrade your decor this season, then why not consider adding one or two things that ooze style and sophistication? There are plenty of options when it comes to decorating your home. Furniture, soft furnishings, art, flooring and wall art, can all be changed quite quickly and easily. So which will you choose to a little luxury to your home?


If you want a contemporary feel then why not upgrade to a complete lighting solution for your home? These can be controlled by an app and even offer you the opportunity to change the colour of light in each room. They’re good for security too because you can control them remotely. Of course, for the ultimate luxurious lighting addition, it has to be a chandelier. Choose a traditional crystal droplet design or something more modern.


Place your posterior on a perfect platform with a luxury seating choice. Options include duresta sofas and chairs, and you can choose leather, silk, or beautiful woven fabrics. They’ll definitely become the new focal point of your living room! High-quality materials don’t just last a lifetime. They look like high-quality materials too. The colours are that little bit truer and brighter. And the texture of the fabric or leather is amazing. Best of all, luxury sofas are comfortable too!


Hardwood flooring is amazing for any room in the house. You can choose the grain strength, the colour, and even the finish. A high gloss finish looks amazing if you’re hoping to place a luxury feel in a contemporary home. You can also underheat this type of flooring in most cases. That means you can get rid of those horrible looking radiators and improve the whole look of the room in one go. Don’t forget to add a huge woven rug with symmetric patterning or design. Sumptuous and oozing with luxury finishes.

Big Bed

If you’re still squished together on a double bed, it might be time to upgrade to a bigger size. Super King sized beds are six feet wide and even longer. Best of all, you can enjoy a luxurious memory or gel foam mattress, so your body stays at the right temperature all night long. Add a couple of memory foam pillows, and you won’t ever want to get out of bed. Not all mattresses sit in a frame. Instead, they need a divan. Check you’re getting the right mattress for your preferred bed type and enjoy a luxuriously restful night of sleep.

Jacuzzi Spa Bath

If you love soaking the day away in the tub, then it’s time to upgrade your bathroom. For a luxurious bubble bath, it has to be a jacuzzi tub! You can add lights to help you relax even more. They don’t take up any more room than a standard tub. Of course, if you want a roll top bath, you can always add a separate bubble maker each time you take a bath. Add a few scented candles and your favourite relaxing tunes. Heaven.


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